Master Classes and Retreats

We offer half and full day Master Classes that are designed to share hands-on experiences and intellectual insights about the real issues, challenges, and dilemmas facing today’s leaders. The Master Classes are specifically designed for leaders, executives and senior managers who need to reflect, examine, and outline a vision for higher level functioning. We each reach into our expert toolbox and guide you to a clearer and more meaningful vision of how you want to lead that aligns your organization's culture and operations. Master teachers model new ways of thinking for the participants, enabling them to think and shape their own approaches and strategies for higher performance.

Master Classes provide a forum in which leaders and administrators’ tension around new and old models or approaches relating to managing and administration are candidly examined. Master Classes apply a collaborative approach that embodies increased allocation of time to verbal participation, questioning and eliciting higher levels of participant to master teacher feedback. Participants are engaged in conceptual thinking; stimulating deeper involvement and more learning.

For our professional development retreats, you are the focus. Private retreats are fast becoming the most effective way for people to handle the pressures, stresses and challenges that our modern society thrusts upon them on a daily basis. Your individuality and your personal experiences are the driving factor in our planning. For health and wellness, spiritual development, or professional growth, for example, the events and beliefs that make you unique are taken into full account during the entire process, which makes for the best experience for you. Our special luxury private retreats can change your life for the better. Collaborative Solutions' competitive edge is our unique combination of exclusive luxury locations, concierge service, customer-centric focus and innovative professional training along with body/health and spiritual treatments. All of our customers are guaranteed to complete the experience with a feeling that their needs have been met well beyond their expectations.