Capacity Building

capacity building

“Capacity building” refers to intentional, coordinated and mission-driven efforts aimed at strengthening the management and governance of nonprofits to improve their performance and impact.¬†This occurs through organization development activities, such as leadership development, strategic planning, program design and evaluation, board development, financial planning and management and others.¬†[i]

Building a high performing organization is essential to effectively and efficiently fulfilling its mission. CSCM is poised to assist you in enhancing your organizational and programmatic excellence to meet the diverse needs of your communities through the use of a capacity building framework. What matters to funders is impact and effectiveness. Communities get better because the organizations that support them are successful.

We offer a range of methods and tools to assess individual and organizational capacity and partner with you to design a customized plan aligned with your mission.

[i] Definition from Frank Martinelli and Susan Biro @ Create the Future